Garva onions, also known as Indian red onions, are a popular agricultural commodity in India, and the country has a thriving export market for this flavorful and versatile vegetable. Garva onions are widely sought after for their distinct taste, vibrant color, and various culinary applications.

We ensure that the export process of Garva onions from India involves careful cultivation, harvesting, grading, and packaging to ensure the onions meet international quality standards. Onions are harvested at the right stage of maturity to maintain their flavor and freshness. They are then sorted and graded based on size, shape, color, and overall quality.

Garva onions are known for their long shelf life, making them suitable for export and ensuring that they reach distant markets in optimal condition. They are packed in mesh bags or cartons to protect them during transportation and maintain their quality.

Packaging – As per customer requirement