Kashmiri saffron, also known as “Kashmiri Kesar,” is a highly prized and sought-after agricultural product cultivated and exported from the scenic region of Kashmir in India. Renowned for its superior quality and exquisite flavor, Kashmiri saffron holds a special place in the world of spices.

Kashmiri saffron stands out for its vibrant crimson-red threads, distinct aroma, and potent flavor. The saffron threads are carefully handpicked from the flowers, and the harvesting process requires meticulous attention to ensure the best quality. Each thread of Kashmiri saffron is meticulously hand-separated, ensuring only the finest strands are selected.

Saffron from Kashmir is known for its superior taste and aroma, characterized by a subtle floral and honey-like fragrance with hints of earthiness. It is used as a precious spice and flavoring agent in various culinary preparations, enhancing the taste, aroma, and visual appeal of dishes. Kashmiri saffron adds a distinct flavor and vibrant color to traditional Kashmiri cuisine, including dishes like biryanis, pulao, kebabs, desserts, and teas.

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