Pioneer Exports

Pioneer Exports has a facility in Raipur, Chhattisarh for quality cleaning, grading, sorting and packaging. In-house execution of the entire system ensures best and consistent quality in all our products aligned with industry standards.
Our Strengths

Our strength lies in our worldwide network. We have maintained cordial relations with our clients.


Our network is spread all over the world including India. The countries in which we deal are inclusive of Asia, Europe & US.


The company has a well-established warehouse which is efficiently managed by our warehousing agents.

Pioneers in fulfilling all requirements of our customers


We procure directly from the producers to make your supply chain short and efficient


Reared and nursed under delicate supervision and care to only produce the finest quality of oil seeds to maintain our hard-fought industry standards.

Extreme durability and top-notch quality is synonymous with our grains which have resulted after years of expertise in the industry.

The sustainable nature of pulse crops to use less water and less output of greenhouse gases encourage us in our mission to provide finest quality pulses in the industry.

We supply herbs & spices only from the richest sources, from the deepest ends of the vast forest network of Chhattigarh to deliver quality output everytime.

Only the finest quality of forest produce picked from the deeps of jungle make their way to our strong supply chain achieving powerful quality standards.


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